“The Million Children Forest Campaign (M-CFC)”in Bangladesh

It’s our pleasure to let you know that Shobuj Shundor is managing a glorious global event “The Million Children Forest Campaign (M-CFC)”in Bangladesh. The event Invented & organized by Green Bangla Coalition (GBC); a true grassroots environmental club is helping the United Nations “International Year of Forests, 2011 with its “The Million Child Forest Campaign (M-CFC)”. Here we like to submit our detail proposal for your vigilant perusal and kind consideration. Our campaign is a vehicle to rally the required knowledge to the children who are our future leaders to lead their communities those would become vulnerable due to climate change. It’s a campaign that would be shared with the whole world officially by the United Nations. Hence, our prime target is to own the reputation for future pro-poor intervention for environmental development through economic innovation.
It would be really nice and encouraging for us if you kindly let us have your opinion or feedback on this campaign in the form of “MESSAGE” that would be used as a significant memo for others to get inspired. Therefore, your few words for the M-CFC highlighting the spirit of the International Year of Forests, 2011, The Billion Tree Campaign of the United Nations and International Decade on Education on Sustainable Development of the UN would definitely create some valuable enthusiasm among the children of Bangladesh.

Ausongoti (a public awareness building TV program)

Dhaka is now one of the newest mega cities of the world with a population of more than 15 million. But we felt very sorry to see that the standard of living is much below from expectation. Our aim is to do something for; to make it an abode of peace.   The main focus of the program will be portraying day to day irregularity life of the city. To look at things which were facing regularly, but a little awareness can make a big difference. There are ways to practice to save our environment as well as to change the characteristics of city dwellers. We want to take a tour for the viewers in the city to change for a better living.   Presentation   The program will be based on feature, interviews, and campaigning as well as questioning to the authorities on this role of performance which can play to make our city for better living.